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brentalfloss “Bits of Me” Album

Bits of Me Music CD Bits of Me Music CD Back

Are you ready? Here it is, the album you’ve been waiting for!

brentalfloss returns in this all new second album, featuring 18 tracks of his trademark lyrical video game tunes, including new songs and remastered classics!

  1. This is the Album
    You’ve Been Waiting
2. Mega Man 2 Title
    Theme With Lyrics,
    feat. Year 200X!
3. Banjo-Kazooie With
4. Mega Man 3 Game
    Over With Lyrics
5. The 2-2 Blues
6. Contra With Lyrics feat.
    The Konami Kode!
7. Super Mario Bros. 3
    With Lyrics
8. Final Fantasy 6 With
    Beerics EXT REMIX
9. Super Mario Bros. 2
    Ending Credits
10. Star Fox: Space

11. Meet Me In The
      Dungeon, Dear (Zelda
      1 Ending Credits)
12. Castlevania II With
13. The Truth About Toad
      (Super Mario Bros. 2
      Overworld Theme)
14. Mike Tyson’s Punch-
      Out!! With Lyrics
15. Introspective Man in
      Blue (Mega Man 2
      Title Theme Piano
16. Baby Mario & Papa
      Yoshi (Yoshi’s Island
      Athletic Theme)
17. Zelda II With Lyrics
18. Classic Ending Credits
      With Lyrics

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