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“What if This CD… Had Lyrics?” Audio CD

What if This CD Had Lyrics? What if This CD Had Lyrics?

brentalfloss, the master musician and lively video game lyricist, has been adding humorous words to classic video game music with his popular “With Lyrics” series for years.

But now, in his first official album, he sings souped-up versions of his classic hits as well as original songs and all new “With Lyrics” songs!

This 20 track inaugural CD comes in a stylish digipak and is a must have for any brentalfan!

1. Ducktales With Lyrics
2. Gypsy Tetris
3. Tetris With Lyrics
4. Corey
5. Final Fantasy Victory
  Theme With Lyrics
6. Good Example
7. Mega Man 3 With Lyrics
8. Bubble Man With Lyrics
9. Final Fantasy Classic
  With Lyrics
10. A Boy and His Blob
11. Gotta Run/Be The One
  (Feat.The Megas)

12. Paperboy With Lyrics
  (Feat. The Konami Kode)
13. Mario Piano Medley
14. Final Fantasy IV Love
  Theme With Lyrics
15. The Roommate Song
16. Dr. Mario With Lyrics
17. Introspective Duck in
18. Mushroom Kingdom
19. Zelda With Lyrics
20. The End?

  • Audio CD Digipak $11.99

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