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“COEXIST” Bumper Sticker

COEXIST Gaming Bumper Sticker
COEXIST Gaming Bumper Sticker

We’re all gamers. We may come from different consoles, genres, and distribution methods… but there’s no reason that we can’t coexist and play together.

Just because one person prefers the portability and visuals of a 3DS doesn’t mean that he (or she) can’t be the brethren of his fellow modern first person shooter console player!

Let us all join together as one unified group of gamers, strong and entertained.

And what better way to unite than by sharing your passion with this vinyl bumper sticker that includes iconic representations from arcade heroes to computer e-sports!

C – Pac-Man
O – Dreamcast
E – Playstation 3
X – Xbox 360
I – Wii
S – Sega
T – Starcraft

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