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“I Want You Inside Me” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt

I Want You Inside Me Kirby T-Shirt
I Want You Inside Me Kirby T-Shirt  

Hey baby. I want you inside me!

It’s the only way I can copy your abilities!

Oh sure, that little pink puffball looks adorable… but he’s actually an insatiable killing machine!

No, seriously! Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but when the tasty residents of Dreamland go in, they don’t come out!

A classic Halolz shirt design that has returned with brand new art!

Grab one today before they are sucked into Kirby’s gaping maw!

Available in:

  • Mens (Dreamland Peach) $16.99
  • Ladies (Pop Star Pink) $18.99

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Size Charts: MensLadies Gildan

The internet must know!  

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