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Aperture Science Bookends

Portal 2 Bookends
Portal 2 Bookends   Portal 2 Bookends

We had some dark days before the internet, let me tell you. Once upon a time we stored all our scientific research on scraps of paper, bound in primitive leather coverings.

Of course today we don’t worry about such nonsense… all our data is stored in efficient ones and zeros. However despite this modern convenience some printed materials remain in circulation, and their storage can be highly problematic!

That’s why Aperture Laboratories has spent hundreds of man hours and several million in funds to develop these new state of the art portal bookends! Finally a solution to the problem that has plagued scientists for generations!


  • • Made of a shiny aluminum
  • • Non-slip rubber padding
  • • Dimensions: 4"x 5"x 2.25"

  • Set of two Bookends…………. $29.99

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