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“Samus Nouveau” T-Shirt & Sweatshirt

Samus Nouveau Metroid Mens T-Shirt
Samus Nouveau Metroid Ladies Fitted T-Shirt   Samus Nouveau Metroid Hoodie Sweatshirt
Samus Nouveau Metroid Mens T-Shirt  

Across the greatest depths of the universe, few people have seen the face of the galaxies most renowned bounty hunter.

Of course that’s not counting the few people who know the JUSTIN BAILEY code!

An original piece of artwork from the Nintendo Nouveau collection by Megan Lara, now in shirt and sweatshirt form!

Available in:

  • Mens (Chozo Relic Dusk) $19.99
  • Ladies (Zero Suit Cerulean) $21.99
  • Sweatshirt (Brinstar Navy Blue) $36.99

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