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Spiritual Stone Necklaces

Spiritual Stone Necklaces
Spiritual Stone Necklace - Goron's Ruby   Spiritual Stone Necklace - Zora's Sapphire
Spiritual Stone Necklace - Kokiri's Emerald   Spiritual Stone Necklace & Gift Box

Created as keys to the Sacred Realm, the gems known as the "Spiritual Stones" were closely guarded by the Kokiri, Goron and Zora people, waiting for the day
the Hero of Time would appear.

It’s also said that each spiritual stone represents one of the three goddesses who created Hyrule… Farore, Din and Nayru.

So I guess it’s not at all surprising that some of the finest Hylian jewelry ever crafted has inspired recreations of these historic gems!


  • • Pendants 1.5-2.0cm in height
  • • Gold-plated alloy and glass
  • • Chain about 18″ in length
  • • Optional gift box includes cotton
  •    insert and gold stretch loop!

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