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Spiritual Stone Necklaces

Ocarina of Time Spiritual Stones Chain Necklace
Ocarina of Time Spiritual Stones Chain Necklace   Ocarina of Time Spiritual Stones Chain Necklace
Kokiri's Emerald Necklace on Ball Chain   Kokiri's Emerald Necklace on Genya Cord
Goron's Ruby Necklace on Ball Chain   Goron's Ruby Necklace on Genya Cord
Zora's Sapphire Necklace on Ball Chain   Zora's Sapphire Necklace on Genya Cord

Over generations Hyrule has been home to countless artistic styles… but none has been more influential to Hylian jewelry makers than the mystical gems known as the spiritual stones.

Created as keys to the Sacred Realm, these gems were closely guarded by the Kokiri, Goron and Zora people, waiting for the day that the prophesied "Hero of Time" would appear!

It can also be said that the three spiritual stones represent the three godessess who created Hyrule: Farore, Din and Nayru.

So it’s not at all surprising that some of the finest Hylian jewelry ever created featured recreations of these beautiful stones!


  • • Each necklace is handcrafted
  • • Zora’s Sapphire features three
  •    Swarovski crystals, gold Czech
  •    glass beads and gold toned wire
  • • Goron’s Ruby features a ruby
  •    red glass crystal, hand cut brass
  •    base and gold toned wire
  • • Kokiri’s Emerald features an
  •    emerald green rhinestone and
  •    gold wire that is hand shaped
  • • Every necklace comes in a
  •    jewelry gift box with gold ribbon

Available in:

  • Kokiri’s Emerald…………………… $21.99

  • Goron’s Ruby………………………. $21.99

  • Zora’s Sapphire…………………… $21.99

  • Spiritual Stones Necklace…….$59.99

Now Available!

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Size Charts: Necklaces are 20"-22" in Length

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