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“Sure to be Ban’d – Year One” Book

Sure To Be Ban'd Year One Book Sure To Be Ban'd Year One Book
Sure to be Ban'd Year One Book One Inside Pages    

Sure to be Ban’d is a webcomic, and as such you can read it on the surfable diginets free of charge.

However the author Fred Wood, spiteful of his own last name being synonmous with trees, felt that mother nature had not yet suffered appropriately.

To that end, Fred proceeded to create a set of phyiscal editions of his first year of work using the mashed pulp of harvested lumber, effectively punishing the spirits of the forest once and for all.

However despite his strangely dark intentions, these books (which also happen to contain many bonuses and extra content) are the perfect addition to any reader’s library!


  • • Entire first year in full color
  • • Creator commentary
  • • Book exclusive strips and art
  • • Concept art
  • • Unique horizontal binding
  • • Forward by Scott Ramsoomair

  • 80 Page Book………………………… $7.99

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