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Vlambeer “Super Crate Bundle”

Vlambeer "The Super Crate Bundle" Super Crate Box
Vlambeer "Super Crate Bundle" Custom Thumb Drive   Vlambeer "Super Crate Bundle"
"Vlambeer Logo" T-Shirt   Vlambeer OST Soundtrack

Do you like video games?
Do you like crates?
Do you like games about crates? Well I’m about to blow your mind.

Behold, the Super Crate Bundle!

Ten DRM free games on a customized thumb drive, a CD full of music from Vlambeer games, a Vlambeer logo t-shirt, six awesome pins, and a key redeemable for a Steam game.

Only 250 of these bad boys have been made, so get yours today!


  • • Vlambeer Original Soundtrack
  • • Custom USB Drive with ten
  •    games, including Venus Patrol
  •    Kickstarter Exclusive GUN GODZ
  • • Vlambeer Logo T-Shirt
  • • Set of Six Buttons
  • GUN GODZ Mini-Print
  • • Steam Key for Serious Sam:
  •    The Random Encounter
  • • A Super Crate Box

No Longer Available!

This item had a limited run and is sold out

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