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“They See Me Strollin” (Gary Oak Edition) T-Shirt

"They See Me Strollin'" (Gary Oak Edition) Mens T-Shirt
"They See Me Strollin'" (Gary Oak Edition) Ladies T-Shirt   "They See Me Strollin'" (Gary Oak Edition) Pullover Hoodie
HALOLZ They See Me Strollin' They Hatin'Pokewalker Haters Gonna Hate

Oh I been training hard,
Tryin’ to catch them all.
Gonna get those badges,
Gonna make the Elite Four fall!

With my Pokéwalker clipped,
By my ‘Dex and ‘Gear.
There’s no tall grass or cave,
That I need to fear.

They see me strollin’, they hatin’.
Patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me trainin’ dirty.

A new design from the popular HALOLZ submission, now featuring Gary Oak by popular demand!

Available in:

  • Mens (Rival Blue)
  • Ladies (Alpha Sapphire)

No Longer Available!

This design has been retired

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