Legend of Zelda Nendoroids

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series is known far and wide, and its iconic characters have taken many forms!

From The Wind Waker comes the adorable Princess Zelda! Only with the power of her Light Arrows, Mirror Shield and the Master Sword can Link hope to defeat Ganondorf!

From Majora's Mask we have Young Link! He must get exhausted living the same 72 hours over and over! At least he has a Bunny Hood, Deku Mask, Red Potion and even Tatl the fairy to help!

Adorable and awesome, everyone loves the Nendoroid figure series! Each character set includes a highly posable 4" figure, a customizable stand, and lots of character specific accessories!

These top of the line import figures are only available for a limited time, so grab your favorites today!
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