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Website Hosting

Some features that make us unique

Here’s why our clients love our web hosting services.

Optimized Software

The software powering our server ensures your website will stay up to date and FAST! At no point will your website ever show signs of slowing.

Daily Backups

All of your website content will be protected by daily backups to ensure you never experience costly data loss.

Safe and Secure

Our servers are outfitted with a cutting-edge firewall to protect all your business’s sensitive data, making you untouchable to security breaches.

Amazing Uptime

Our server structure guarantees that your website will be available to users 24/7. Going a step further, we make sure that each page functions the way it should.

Data Migration

Your data deserves to have the longest shelf life possible. Whether you’re selecting, transferring, or migrating data, we’ll make sure it arrives safe and secure.

Best Support

You will have a dedicated web expert who works in-house at C&I Studios and is available by phone, email, and text to attend to your most urgent hosting needs.




or $175/yr. (3% off)



or $540/yr. (10% off)



or $282/yr. (6% off)


All plans include

Why you should host with us?

Unlike GoDaddy, which lumps thousands of websites into a single server, you will have the advantage of a secure shared server. This gives you an added layer of protection so that the problems of a thousand websites aren’t your problems, as well.

Optimized Hosting

We are a one-stop solution that allows you to consolidate all of your web hosting and maintenance needs into one comprehensive service package.

Content Delivery Network

The attention span of the average consumer leaves little room for any kind of delay, especially when waiting for a web page to load. So, our CDN runs at max efficiency 24/7.


As your business and audience grow, your website needs to evolve to support increased traffic and demand. We have the tools to see that through.

We are here to help you get started!

Your website is your business’ most prized storefront. While you’re handling day-to-day operations, our team will attend to your most significant web needs (and the minor ones, too) to raise your bottom line and keep your audience coming back for more.

Looking for a custom solution?

Every business is unique. If you want a more robust web hosting package or a dedicated server to house all of your content, then we have you covered.

Frequently asked questions

The three packages offered include hosting on a secured shared server, however, if you’d like your website hosted on a dedicated server, then we are happy to accommodate your request.

It is very unlikely that your site will go down, however, in the event that it does, our in-house web hosting expert will diagnose the cause and correct the issue with very minimal downtime.

Yes, we based on your web hosting plan, we will back up your website daily or weekly to ensure your content remains safely secured and updated.

GoDaddy clumps thousands of websites into one IP address, whereas we limit the number of websites per IP address to guarantee amazing uptime. We will also pair you with a dedicated web expert who will oversee all of your hosting needs and will be available to accommodate urgent requests should they arise. Your dedicated web expert works in-house at C&I Studios and is available by phone, email, and text throughout the week.